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Home Additions

Homeowners caught between the need for added space and the desire to remain in their current home would be wise to consider a home addition from B&E Remodeling. Instead of spending money to rent storage space or going through the hassle to sell your house, consider the added benefits that a home addition would give to your property.

  • New Possibilities: Adding a home addition is great because with the additional space provided, you’ll be able to rethink much of your current home, enabling you to get creative in ways you previously didn’t think possible.
  • Entertain Family and Friends: Instead of outfitting your couch or booking a hotel, provide your loved ones with a room of their own the next time they visit.
  • Greater Resale Value: A new home addition will increase your home’s resale value. Not only will you enjoy the immediate benefits of the extra space, but you could see a nice return on your investment as the value of your home appreciates.
  • Great for Growing Families: As your family grows so does the need for more space. By adding a home addition you’ll be able to better accommodate a newborn and won’t need to move.
  • Workspace: Whether you would like to work from home or enjoy the privacy of a home office, a new home addition is a great choice.
  • Storage Space: If you’re finding that your existing rooms are becoming to cluttered and your don’t have a garage or basement for storage, a new home addition can be the perfect solution.

Sunroom Addition

Sunroom additions are becoming one of the most popular upgrades among homeowners today. Great for enjoying natural light and serving as an alternative family or dining room, sunrooms are great for adding space and functionality to your home. In addition, they provide the following benefits:

  • Perfect Relaxation: Start enjoying the scenery of your home’s outdoor setting without drawbacks such as mosquitos, pollen, or UV rays.
  • Unbeatable View: While bay windows and similar features may provide great views, nothing beats with the view of the outdoors that you’ll get with a sunroom addition.
  • Furniture: Your outdoor furniture won’t show signs of weathering because it will be protected from the elements. Also, enjoy the use of cushions, blankets etc. just like you would in any other room.
  • Greenroom: Sunroom additions are great for plant lovers because the natural sunlight provides the perfect environment for many indoor houseplants to thrive.

Family Room Addition

Family room additions are a great way to add space and value to your home. Whether you’re looking to expand your square footage for either more social or personal space, a family room addition is a great upgrade.

  • Create possibilities: A family room addition will enable you to rethink your home’s first floor. With more options comes more possibilities.
  • Host Parties: With more space in your family room you’ll be able to house more guests. Whether it’s a birthday party or the big game, a family room addition will help make it possible.
  • Added Comfort: Homeowners often find the increase in square footage very appealing because the added space quickly translates to added comfort.
  • Value: As with any addition, you’ll see a nice boost in your home’s resale value as a result of your investment in a family room addition.

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